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Alzheimer's Disease

Risk Reduction

How it works

Through specific and individualized dietary and lifestyle changes, I aim to help women aged 40-60 who want to do everything in their power to reduce their risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) so that they can live a longer and higher-quality life.


Specifically, I consider the unique biology and physiology of the individual and by assessing diet, lifestyle, and nutritional and body-system imbalances, together we come up with a plan.


Key considerations include:

  • Improve gut health

  • Balance blood sugar 

  • Reduce chronic inflammation (the foundation of many major diseases of today, including Alzheimer's) 

  • Address toxicity

  • Examine lifestyle factors, including sleep habits, stress management and all forms of physical exercise. 

  • Re-establish body~mind~spirit connections (positivity, gratitude, mindfulness, meditation)

Book a FREE 20-minute Discovery Call. This short discovery call is an opportunity to tell me about what concerns you about developing Alzheimer's Disease - perhaps you have learned that you carry the ApoE3/4 gene, or Alzheimer's runs in your family, or maybe you are experiencing symptoms that you feel my indicate future Alzheimer's. This call gives us a chance to see if we are a good fit to work together. :)

Phase 1 Alzheimer’s Risk Reduction Package 

For those who want to begin to reduce their risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease. This package is composed of six sessions (two 60-minute and four 30-minute sessions) that occur over 12-weeks.

This package includes:

  • Initial consultation 

  • Evaluation of nutrient and body system imbalances 

  • Education explaining links and connections between current diet/lifestyle and signs/symptoms and imbalances 

  • Personalized recommendations to address current imbalances and signs/symptoms

  • 3-5-day menu plan or menu options

  • Recipes

  • Five follow-up sessions

Phase 2 Alzheimer’s Risk Reduction Package 

Carrying on from Phase 1, this package consists of eight 30-minute sessions over 5 months to dive deeper into Alzheimer’s Risk Reduction.


This package aims to further: 

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Boost neurotransmitter function

  • Address blood-sugar imbalances

  • Look at hormone imbalances

  • Reduce toxic load

  • Assess immune system function

  • Address weight loss

Follows Phase 1

Pay As You Go

Initial Consultation

A 60-minute initial consultation to discuss main health goals/concerns, current diet and lifestyle, and signs and symptoms of imbalance. You leave with homework to complete a food journal, recording everything that they eat or drink. Meanwhile, I review all of the client’s information and evaluate their signs and symptoms to identify nutritional or body-system imbalances. We meet again in about a week for a 60-minute follow-up.

60-Minute Follow-up

A 60-minute follow-up meeting.

30-Minute Follow-up

A 30-minute follow-up meeting.

Optional Add-On Services

Personalized Kitchen Review 

A 60-minute visit to your home to review and optimize your fridge and pantry.

Grocery/Health Food Store Field Trip 

A 60-minute shopping experience where you’ll obtain guidance in reading food labels, identifying nutrient-rich foods and planning your future store visits.

Culinary Tips and Tricks 

A 120- to 180-minute visit to your home to provide food preparation, cooking tips and recipe-planning for you to continue on the path of healthful eating.

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