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The Alzheimer's Disease Risk Reduction Program

Through specific and individualized dietary and lifestyle changes, I aim to help people who want to do everything in their power to reduce their risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) so that they can live a longer and higher-quality life.


Specifically, I consider the unique biology and physiology of the individual and by assessing diet, lifestyle, and nutritional and body-system imbalances, together we come up with a plan.


Key considerations include:

  • Balance blood sugar 

  • Omit pro-inflammatory foods 

  • Increase anti-inflammatory foods

  • Increase antioxidant foods 

  • Balance the gut microbiota

  • Increase foods containing B vitamins 

  • Address toxicity

  • Increase all forms of exercise 

  • Manage stress 

  • Improve sleep 

Available either in a package or individual, pay-as-you-go consultations.

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