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I have had strong interest in the relationship between health and nutrition since my early twenties, but it took me two more decades to turn my passion into a profession. The turning point for me, following a successful career in seabird ecology, was seeing family members develop Alzheimer’s Disease. I realized that watching my grandfather and, 20 years later, my mother, gradually deteriorate from once-vibrant people was one thing but experiencing the significant impacts Alzheimer’s has on caregivers is another. 


My mother began living with my young family nine months after her diagnosis. The next four years were very challenging, especially when her level of care exceeded our capabilities. It was then that she was admitted into long-term care. These experiences reconnected me to my relationship with nutrition, and the extraordinary benefits that it can have on health. This knowledge is extremely empowering, not only in the midst of illness but also in reducing the risk of developing illness. All of this led me to changing my career path and completing the necessary education at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) to become a holistic nutritionist with the goal of helping people with similar experiences.


To further understand my genetic make-up, I confirmed through DNA testing that I carry two copies of the APOE4 Alzheimer’s gene. However, with extensive research and education, I now know that so much can be done through changes to diet and lifestyle to help minimize my risk of developing it. I am no longer concerned that I carry the highest genetic risk factor, and, in fact, I feel empowered! 


I am a proud mother of a teenaged son and I want to be 100% there for him, in mind and body. I want to see him through high school and what path he chooses in life, personally and professionally. When the time comes, I want to be a vivacious grandmother. I want to travel well into my golden years, thrive and live independently. In order to make the most out of the rest of my life, I need a healthy mind and body. 


I am a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™ and my mission is to help women aged 40-60 who are concerned about developing Alzheimer’s Disease reduce their risk. Using education and guided nutritional support, you will gain the confidence and tools needed to bring balance and wellness back into all aspects of your long-term health. Through modifications to diet and lifestyle, you will strengthen your mind, cognitive function and will feel amazing! Let’s work together!

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