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Why Should You Listen to Me?

Hello, I’m Krista. 


I’ve had a strong interest in the relationship between health and nutrition since my early twenties. But about 10 years ago it hit me… Geez, I have a lot of Alzheimer’s in my family history, and I started thinking about exactly how many incidents of Alzheimer’s were in my family’s history (my grandfather, my aunt, my father, my mother). 

Quite frankly, I was afraid for myself. And having experienced firsthand what it is like caregiving for someone with Alzheimer’s (I was my mother's primary caregiver (while raising my child)), I was afraid that my son and his future family would end up having to care for me and experience the same grief and stress.

I started to research Alzheimer’s and found so much evidence that its occurrence is related to far more than just genes! Its development is influenced MORE by food/nutrition and lifestyle choices. I then started to think about my lifelong passion for health and nutrition and how I could turn it into a profession so that I could raise awareness of these truths about Alzheimer’s and actually help people build their brain health and their confidence that they are actively lowering their risk of developing it. So, I went back to school and am now a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™ through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. 

This is much of what I am all about ~ helping people take charge of their brain health so they can ditch their fear (like I ditched mine) and grow their confidence (like I grew mine). 

I believe that our health is our greatest asset. And that we need to pay attention and invest now to better ensure that we have the quality of life – now and into the future – that we deserve. 

I am a believer & if you are on board, I can make you a believer, too!


Oh and by the way,
believing is half the battle!

So much more than hope
~ you have a REAL OPPORTUNITY~

Let's Connect!  

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