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Just imagine what it would be like...

  • knowing what foods to eat, and when (and when not) to eat them, to boost mental clarity 

  • having better cognitive function (the BEST it has been in years)

  • feeling confident that you are actively lowering your Alzheimer's risk (despite genes or family history)

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4-Week Group Program
Bust Fog & Build Function: A Keto Way of Eating

Your MUST-DO to boost mental clarity and memory!

Learn about a ketogenic way of eating with intermittent fasting in this 4-week group program! 

You will:

  • Learn

    • Why a ketogenic way of eating is your brain's best nutritional option

    • Other critical health benefits

    • What to eat and what not to eat

    • When to eat and when not to eat; intermittent fasting

    • How to shop for quality food

    • Best ways to prepare your food 

    • And more, including how this is a way of life and not just about the food!

  • Receive:

    • Information handouts

    • Meal plans

    • Grocery lists

    • Recipes

    • And more, including the invaluable support of your group mates!

Benefits of a Group Program

There are a couple of key benefits to trying out this ketogenic way of eating in a group setting.


The first advantage of participating in a group program is that it can be helpful to have other like-minded people, with whom to share the experience, to add another layer of accountability and to help each other stay motivated! 

A second advantage is I can offer the same valuable content as I do in my private programs, but at a significantly reduced investment for you!!

A serious WIN-WIN!!

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Let's Connect!  

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